Guerlain AW18 Collection

2 min read

Guerlain’s new AW18 makeup collection has three colour products in it – a new blush, new lipsticks, and a new, innovative, eyebrow pencil.

The collection doesn’t have a name – the press info just calls it Fall 18, which gets my goat in itself. Last time I looked this season was autumn in UK…please, UK press and bloggers, stop using Fall!

Guerlain’s KissKiss Lipsticks (£28) come in coloured cases in this collection. The shades are Rouge Kiss, Sugar Kiss, Sexy Coral, Darling Baby, and Excessive Rose. The lipstick itself is the same formula – hyaluronic acid spheres and commiphora oil to smooth and plump lips.

The new Two-Tone Blush (£36) comes in two shades – Neutral Pink and Soft Coral. It’s inspired by studio makeup artists’ techniques where they illuminate and enhance skin in a single step. The formula is ultra-light, and the subtle iridescent highlighter gives the contours of the face a lovely luminous sheen. The silky powder blush colour warms up the cheekbones and temples,

The new Eyebrow Pencil (£20) comes in Light or Dark, and is Guerlain’s first brow-thickening pencil. At one end, there’s a brush to tame your brow line, and at the other the angled tip with a powdery texture creates instantly fuller brows. The formula is infused with ceramides for long-term action with repeated use, and it’s retractable and really easy to use.


Guerlain AW18 Makeup Collection is available now from counters, and visit for more