Dior's new Rouge Blush

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We’ve all heard of matching our nail and lip colour – but our blush and lip colour? That’s a new one, but it’s a thing, according to Dior – and the new Dior Rouge Blush is how to do it.

Rouge Blush by Dior’s Creative Makeup Director, Peter Philips, comes in 27 shades, drawn from the colours of the legendary Rouge Dior lipstick. This means that every shade of lipstick has a corresponding blush, so your lip and cheek colours complement each other.

There are five families of colours – pink, red, plum, coral, and nude. And the blush comes in three finishes – matte, satin, and shimmer.

Blush is a ‘multitasker’ makeup element. It comes in multiple finishes from matte to glowing, and even shimmering. The colour range is gigantic, so your blush can be in harmony wiuth your skintone, or it can be in contrast; it can shade and highlight. It can accentuate the colour of your makeup look, can give your skintone that extra touch, fine tune and finish your makeup by providing the link between your eyes and lips. It makes your makeup look alive! – Peter Philips

The blush appears to be powder, but has the feel of a cream, making it super-easy to blend. Use a brush or your fingers. How do you apply blush? I love to blend with a big brush if it’s powder, but I like to add cream blush with my fingers.

Dior say their blush has a dual-performance base, used by them for the first time. It’s extreme softness makes the blush so creamy, and it allows pigments to be powerful and ensure a great colour pay-off. For the shimmer finish, 40 per cent more shimmery pigments were incorporated into the formula to give a flash of luminous colour.

Blush is a much-underrated beauty product in my opinion. I marvel constantly that I used to omit blush from my makeup routine! What was I thinking. Currently I am addicted to Nars Powder Blush in Orgasm, but there are some seriously gorgeous shades in here to tempt me to try a new one!

Dior Rouge Blush, £34, dior.com, available now.