NEW Benefit Brow Contour

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Is it just me, or are we actually TOTALLY obsessed with eyebrows? They are certainly big beauty news, and Benefit is the world’s number one brow brand, so, if a new product is coming, it’s coming from them.

Benefit has so many eyebrow products, it’s hard to know where to start – and here comes another one! This one is Brow Contour Pro – a 4-in-1 Contour Pencil.

It’s like one of those old four colour pens (Clarins did this style first last year), and it has four different tools designed to give you the best brows you’ve ever had. There’s two brow pencils for your shade – one lighter, one darker. There’s and edge definer shade, and an arch highlighter shade. Beauty bloggers have been contouring their brows for ages, I know, but this is just Benefit making it a lot easier!

It comes in Blonde Light, Brown Light, Brown Medium, Brown-Black Deep, and Brown-Black Light.

Four shades, four steps to beautiful brows. This is how it works.

Step 1: Fill in the brow with the lighter shade, from the start to the arch

Step 2: Fill in the brow with the deeper shade, from the arch to  the end

Step 3: Define and clean edges. This means stroke the definer from start to end above the brow, and from arch to end, below the brow, and blend.

Step 4: Highlight arches. Apply the highlighter directly beneath your arch and blend outwards.


I tried this yesterday, and I have to admit, I was a bit sceptical – is contouring the brows not just taking things one step too far?! Well, if I am honest, yes. I’m not going to do this every day, no way. But, it does look good, so if you can be bothered for a special occasion, then take the time to do it.

It’s gimmicky but fun, and it’s available from September at Benefit counters, and