Evolve Organic Beauty NEW Superfood 360 Serum

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I love a serum. I don’t feel like my beauty routine is complete with just one face product of a morning. As a beauty writer and editor, I am lucky enough to get lots to try – so I don’t have one particular serum as a favourite.

Some last the distance, others get passed on to family and friends to try if they don’t quite suit me, or my skin. I do love Clarins Double Serum, I’ve just finished a Verso serum which was great, and yesterday I was given this new serum from English based natural/organic brand, Evolve.

I tried a shimmery leg oil of theirs last year and adored it, but a serum is a bit different to a body product, so time will tell on this one, but it smells and feels nice on first application.

The Evolve Organic Beauty Superfood 360 Serum is for all skin types, and was created with the brand’s ‘non anti-ageing’ philosophy in mind. Founder Laura doesn’t believe in anti-ageing as a term – and she’s right , of course. We might be able to keep our skin in the best condition possible, but we can’t stop time.

Evolve promote a positive ageing philosophy around its Age Smarter 360 concept. This means taking care of the skin naturally, and working proactively with the body to support graceful ageing. I can get on board with that. No fillers required! Stop it, people. Have you seen some of the faces out there?!

This serum is packed with natural superfoods, and aims to help with skin tone, wrinkle depth, texture and luminosity.

The key ingredients are Inchi, Maca, and Calay – here’s more about them:

SACHA INCHI PEPTIDES – this Peruvian superfood helped the ancient Incas live to over 100 years old. Natural Inchi Peptides are clinically proven to improve facial firmness, reduce wrinkle volume, and smooth the skin.

PERUVIAN MACA – used for centuries by Peruvian tribes to boost energy and endurance, Maca stimulates cellular renewal, reducing the apperance of wrinkles, whilst boosting skin radiance.

CACAY OIL – obtained from the seeds of a majestic Amazonian tree, this oil is packed with Bio Retinol and Linoleic Acid to support the skin barrier layer.

LOW MOLECULAR WEIGHT HYALURONIC ACID – good old skincare favourite, HA can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, hence its use in moisturisers. This low molecular version penetrates the skin deeper, and hydrates better, as well as increasing collagen production.

So, with all of these ingredients, it’s hard to see where this serum can go wrong. It’s 99% natural, and 81% organic, and my bottle was created by Marzena. If you go to the Evolve website, there’s a page on the creators of your products, which is a nice touch.

I’m sticking with it for the next few weeks, and barring any adverse reaction I’m hoping it keeps my skin hydrated and nourished. I don’t know when this one is launched, so I will update this post with a date as soon as I can find out.

Evolve Organic Beauty Superfood 360 Serum, £38 30ml, £16 10ml, and you can buy it at evolvebeauty.co.uk. (There is a list of stockists on there, and there are a few independent stores in Scotland that carry the brand.)