Cucumber beauty with Boots

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Boots has rebranded and reformulated its own-brand beauty ranges, including some old favourites. Boots’ Cucumber range takes me straight back to my teenage days and my first beauty buys.

So, I had to take a look at it again, obviously. And it’s still fab. That familiar smell is amazing, and the facial wipes are perfect for removing makeup when you can’t be hassled with your full routine.

Yes this is basement bargain beauty, but these own-brand beauty products are good – and there are loads of them, from face wipes to shower gel to dry shampoos. When Boots UK founder, Jesse Boot, decided to make his own health and beauty products in the 1800s, he didn’t just make them exceptionally well, but he made sure that they were good value. This ethos has been continued throughout Boots history right up until today, ensuring only products that are made to meet our high standards are created by Boots.

We are really excited to announce the relaunch of our own-label products. So much testing and development has gone into this range, not just with our technologists and team, but also with our customers, to make sure that the new products are meeting the needs and wants of the people who are most important to us. Whether it’s a quick way to wipe off the day, a reviving shower gel, or a face mask for a pampering evening, everything from basic, every day necessities, to targeted skincare was considered and developed so that we can provide a reliable and affordable solution for every need –  Menna Hughes, Boots Owned Product Manager.

The cucumber range offers all sorts of products, and all of them now reformulated, but in the same green packaging of my youth! There’s moisturisers, eye gel, toner, scrub, makeup remover and more, and all under £1.99. Prices start at £1.

Boots own-brand products are available at Boots and