Be Sporty and Shimmery this summer with The Body Shop

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Fitness and wellbeing is a massive part of modern day culture. Athleisure is a trend, juicing is normal, and there are more forms of yoga than anyone could ever need.

And the beauty industry has cottoned on to our burgeoning desire to hit the gym/class/streets and exercise, and companies are creating some sporty lines. Clinique brought its fitness line out earlier this year. The Body Shop has now created two new sport-inspired, sweat-proof makeup products  – Lash Sport and Brow Sport, which will launch in June and July.

So, if you need a gym-friendly mascara in our life, then the Lash Sport (£11) is for you. It’s waterproof, 100 per cent vegan, is an innovative oil-in-water base, and is formulated without silicones. The mascara launches in July.

Before that in June, Lash Brow (£8) will launch. It’s a brow tool that will sculpt and define, with natural, buildable, colour, from an angled brush. It’s sweatproof, transfer-resistant, and long lasting. I’ve not tried this, I’m not sure I’d use it, but there must be a market for it!

It is important to start your sweatproof makeup routine with clean, hydrated skin. Keep hair tied back, and off your face and neck to minimise the oil that comes into contact with your skin. Blot excess oil with wipes, and use a face mist to cool down and mattify your skin post-workout. At the end of the day, double cleanse, with cleanser and exfoliator, to make sure you remove all the day’s makeup, sweat, oil and pollution – Dr Christine Choi Kim, Dermatologist for The Body Shop

June also sees the launch of the newly improved Shimmer Waves palette (£16) for face, cheeks and eyes. According to The Body Shop, the average woman uses around 18 beauty products every day, so, The Body Shop is trying to declutter your makeup bag.

This palette can highlight, contour, brighten, shadow and blush. It comes in three colourways, and is so easy to use.