REN launch AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum

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REN launches its AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum in May – a body serum that works to improve the skin by boosting the natural exfoliating process – using AHAs – or Alpha Hydroxy Acids.

You might be familiar with them in facial skincare, but not so much in body care. There is a big debate over the use of AHAs and really there is nothing to be afraid of. They’re beneficial to the skin – read this excellent post on them here at Beauty 101.

The AHA in this Body Serum is Lactic Acid, a common AHA, coming this time from fermentation from sugar. The body serum is light in texture, and contains Xylitol as well as Lactic Acid, giving it a superb ability to attract water molecules already present in your skin to the surface, making it a game changer, according to REN, in skin moisturisers.

The probiotics boost the skins’ defence barrier, instantly hydrating the skin whilst smoothing its surface. So, you gently massage it on to clean skin until it’s absorbed, and the AHAs work with the skin to naturally exfoliate away dull skin, leaving you with radiant skin with a natural glow.

The Lactic Acid dissolves the bonds holding dull, dead skin on the surface, improving the skins’ natural shedding. It has renewing properties, helping to firm and plump the skin by promoting new cell turnover.

Xylitol, from a vegetable origin, improves water reserves and limits water loss. It also moisturises and restructures the skin to combat external aggressions.

This is a lovely light body serum to use, and it also smells delicious.

REN AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum, £35, 200ml, from, and stockists.