Aveda Earth Month x WaterAid Pledge

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April is Earth Month, and Aveda supports the charity initiative that raises money to support access to clean water projects for communities in need across the globe. Try to imagine not having clean water, on tap.

Aveda UK has been supporting international development charity, WaterAid for eight years. During this time, Aveda UK has raised over £855k to fund vital clean water and hygiene projects in Ethiopia, Nepal and most recently in India.
For 2018, the entire Aveda network, across salons, experience centres and head office, is joining forces and inviting guests to take the pledge to go the extra day without washing hair and instead dry style to save water in solidarity with the 844 million people globally living without clean water.

The World Health Organisation cites that a person requires 50 litres of water per day to maintain health and hygiene – in the UK, the average person uses a staggering 142 litres per day, whilst the nation uses an astonishing 2 billion litres of water every day soaking in a nice, hot shower. Wow. That is a lot of water.

If you go just one  extra day without washing your hair, you will be saving approximately SIX gallons of water by cutting just THREE minutes from your shower.

Here to help you make your hair go the extra day, Aveda Experience Centres across the UK are offering complimentary quick dry-styling tips. And if you can’t make it into a store, Aveda Global Educator, Bea Watson has the top hair hacks to take you from the second and up to the fourth day of no washing.


Second-day hair can be the day where hair has an increase in volume and grit as the smoothness of freshly washed hair begins to decrease – use this natural volume to create a lived-in look that lasts, and without adding extra heat, ” says Bea.
1. Puff Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo into the roots and massage into the scalp. Follow with a misting of Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner throughout mid-lengths and ends until hair is damp to hydrate and detangle hair.
2. Create two disco bun twists, one on each side of the head and pin in place.



“For many people, third day hair can be the stage at which hair and the scalp are becoming more oily. This can really help in keeping a style in place, so up-dos are most effective at this stage for long-lasting power,” says Bea.
1. Gently pull hair back into a ponytail at whatever point of the head is most comfortable. Spray Aveda Air Control to capture any flyaways and to keep the ponytail stable but still flexible.
2. Puff Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo into the ponytail to add bulk and twist the ponytail around into a loose bun and pin into a knotted bun.
3. Pull strands of hair away from the bun at will to create a lived in look.



The fourth day, for many people, is the oiliest day at the scalp and in hair so is actually one of the best days to experiment with new styles. Use the grit for long-holding looks – braids are particularly successful on this day,” says Bea.
1. Puff Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo into the front of the hair and massage in to refresh the roots
2. Take a three inch section from the front of the hairline on the side your hair parts. Divide this into three sections and braid together.
3. Continue to braid down the side of the hair until reaching the ear and secure with a band. Lightly mist Aveda Air Control across the braid to hold the braid in place.

All products mentioned available at Aveda locations, and aveda.co.uk. For more information on WaterAid, please visit the website at wateraid.org