MAC's new Metallic and Holographic Lips

2 min read

There are two new lip tends for this season – holographic and metallic. Trust me, you heard it here first, you will be wearing both or either of these come February/March!

I’ve tried both MAC’s new offerings, and I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the Grand Illusion Glossy Liquid Lip Colour Holographic shine (£18). The name doesn’t trip off the tongue, but the product itself is fun and if you like a high shine lip, then this is for you.

Matte lips rule of late, granted but there’s nothing wrong with a change, and this is a heck of a change! It’s hard to explain – they give you a swirl of colour that changes as you apply, and changes when you turn your head, depending on the light.

The lip glosses are full of iridescent pearls, and they come in 14 shades, from blues, to corals, to greens, yellows, pinks and more. I tried out Electric Rainbow, an ‘opalescent pink and multi gold pearl’ and I have to say it is bold – more gold than pink, and its a bold choice. I also tried Pearly Girl, a cool pink with red and gold iridescence which is easier to wear, more subtle, and very pink.

Other shades include things like Pink Trip, Sensory Overload, Rave Bunny and more.

The other lip MAC launched this month was the Retro Matte Liquid Lip Colours Metallics (£17.50). It’s a metallic twist on their classic matte liquid lip- and they’re not the only brand to do this this year – check out Estee Lauder and Smashbox too. There are 15 in total – 12 of the original warm neutral and boldly bright metallics, and three completely new metallic hues. I have to say I am not sure which are the new ones – I can only assume it is the three I tried – Metallic Rose, a rose gold, Silver Spoon, a gunmetal, and Pearl Punk, a dusty pink.

I love a matte lip but am not sure what to make of this metallic version we’re getting now. I tried on the Silver Spoon, and it’s a bit gothic for me, but I expect will look amazing on a darker skin. I can’t fault the formula or the ‘matteness’ of these, but I’m just not sold as yet on the metallic finish. Give it time!

Both new MAC lip products are available now at MAC counters and