Clarins launch SOS Primer range

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Clarins launch a new range of primers at the end of the month – the SOS Primer collection. It’s a biggie, and it’s great. I am already regularly using two of the six available and I love the results.

Clarins launch new SOS Skin Primer range

Basically, these primers all do different things, targeting different imperfections on your skin. There are six of them – and they give the perfect colour correction to the skincare concern, just where you need it.

So, you can easily take control of your skin tone with one or more of these little tubes. The fluid texture makes them easy to apply, and you can wear them alone, or under foundation . They’re hydrating, and contain the Clarins anti-pollution complex (nipplewort extract + white tea + furcellaria) to protect against external aggressors.

Clarins SOS Primers

So, what are your concerns and which primer is best for them?

If you have a lack of radiance, then choose 00 Universal Light, a white primer which instantly brightens all skin tones an captures the light.This is also great for highlighting along the top of the nose, and on the brow arch.

If your skin is showing signs of fatigue, then go for 01 Rose, which will add energy to your complexion. The pink pigments are unbeatable at revitalizing the complexion. Use this one around the under eye area, at the top of the cheekbones for best results.

If you have dark spots, 03 Coral, with its orange pigment, will help balance them out, as it will counterbalance the blue shade of dark spots.

02 Peach deals with imperfections. The colour corrector offers instant touch up results, so use it under the eyes on dark circles, or on visible veins, or marks associated with acne.  The beige pigments help minimise the violet hue that such imperfections have.

My favourite is 04 Green, which is a classic colour corrector to deal with redness. I have flushing rosacea on my cheeks, so I am loving the effects of this in minimizing it.

Clarins SOS Primer for redness

Finally, 05 Lavender is another that I like to balance out any yellow skin tones. Sometimes this occurs on my chin, so I am using this here.

Of course, you can buy more than one and combine them to make sure your complexion is as even and clear as you can make it.

Clarins SOS Primers, £26.50 each, from Clarins counters and, from January 28