Chanel launch Blue Serum Eye Concentrate

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Last January, Chanel helped with the ‘blues’ with the launch of their Blue Serum. This year, they launch the complementary eye product – the Blue Serum Eye Revitalizing Concentrate.

The Blue Serum range is aimed at younger women, who want to begin their anti-ageing routines, and it contains top ingredients from the world’s ‘blue zones’ to give you firmer and healthier skin- read more about the concept behind the Blue range at the link above.

Chanel Blue Serum Eye Revitalizing Concentrate

We all know that ageing shows first around the eyes. The eye zone is a delicate and vulnerable area subject to dehydration and premature aging. It can become less smooth and radiant over the years, and it does knock your confidence.

So,  taking into account the precise needs of the eye contour area, Chanel Research has selected moisturising, protective agents that fight against puffiness and dark circles, and combined them with three of their Blue Serum ‘longevity’ ingredients. (This is Chanel-speak, I think, for anti-ageing.)

Chanel launch Blue Serum Eye

The three ingredients are green coffee from Nicoya in Costa Rica, lentisk** from Greece and olive from Sardinia.

Without compromising their respective qualities, each of the natural ingredients in Blue Serum Eye was carefully selected and transformed by Chanel Research into a pure and powerful active ingredient, using specific, tailored extraction processes.
Green coffee PFA from Costa Rican green coffee –  collected by hand, then sun-dried and extracted using PolyFractioning, it is renowned for its antioxidant properties. PolyFractioning of Active ingredients, by the way, is a process specific to Chanel that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic ingredients. Yep, me neither.

Olive tree oleoactive from Sardinian olives – olive oil rich in essential fatty acids and olive leaf highly concentrated with polyphenols are combined by an oleo-eco-extraction technique to ensure a skin-protecting effect.

Lentisk gum extract from Greek lentisk – harvested by a local cooperative, the resin undergoes supercritical CO2 cold extraction to preserve its properties

So, the idea with this Eye Serum is to use it under your normal eye cream, morning and night.

Chanel Blue Serum Eye Revitalizing Concentrate, £57, from January 19, and counters.