Blue Monday, Blue Lipstick?

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Today is Blue Monday. We’re all meant to be down in the doldrums, full of the January blues, having failed at all our New Year resolutions, generally full of self-loathing. Ouch!

I sincerely hope nobody feels like that, dear readers, it’s really not that bad! It’s going to snow this week – is that not fun?! Blue By You Lipstick Queen LipstickAnyway, I digress.

A little blue lipstick called Blue For You landed on my desk last week, and it is perfect for a Blue Monday beauty post that isn’t blue at all – like this lippy!

It might look blue, but, yes, it’s from Lipstick Queen, and is another of Poppy King’s transformer lipsticks that change colour with your skin’s pH.

This one turns from an indigo blue (with glittery, sparkly bits in it) to a pearlised raspberry pink. I have tried it, and it does just that.

It’s a very pleasant pink on me, although its not my thing at all – I’m a matte bright red lipstick kinda gal, so go figure.

However, Lipstick Queen’s colour-changing lipsticks are massively popular, and this one is bound to do well on its release, which is next month, so, sorry, you’ll need to do Blue Monday makeup with something else!

It does feel lovely and moisturising on – that’ll be the shea butter, mango butter and vitamin E that are in all of Lipstick Queen lipsticks.

Lipstick Queen Blue For You lipstick, £23, Space NK, from February 2018