Benefit launch Porefessional Pearl Primer

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Benefit launch The Porefessional Pearl Primer just after Christmas – perfect for the whole Korean K-beauty-led ‘glass skin’ trend that you are going to know all about come 2018 – trust me.

The idea behind it is, of course, perfect skin. But rather than the matte perfection we’ve all been after this year, and not the dewy look that can be a bit much, this is a sort of middle-ground – a ‘glass effect. Super shiny, but perfectly matte skin.

Benefit's The Porefessional Pearl Primer

Yes, it sounds like a complete contradiction in terms, but trust me on this one. There will be a lot more of these products coming out in 2018, to achieve this very finish.

Create the 'glass skin' trend with Benefit

Benefit’s Porefessional is a mattifier, and whilst this is a mattifying product, and minimises pores, it has a soft pink pearliness in it to give that radiant look. So, it’s both mattifying and radiant at the same time. It does make sense, honest!

The Porefessional Pearl Primer

It’s the perfect post-party season pick-me-up too  – we’re all in need of a skin boost in the new year.

Benefit Porefessional Pearl Primer, £27.50, available from Boxing Day, December 26, at Benefit counters, and