KIKO Milano Candy Split by Giannico collection

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I have to say that I have been impressed by every one of the five Vogue Talents collections to celebrate 20 years of KIKO Milano released so far. And this one, the sixth by Nicolo Beretta of Giannico is right up my street…or maybe that should be sweet!

KIKO Milano Candy Split Collection

Inspired by irresistible desserts and confectionery, the designs take inspiration from sprinkles, marshmallows, candy and macarons. It is delicious!

I adore the macaron-shaped Makeup Blender (£6.90), which comes in a set of two in a cute little patisserie style box.

Kiko Candy Split macaron shaped makeup blenders

The colours of the collection are pastels in the main, and there’s a bit of shimmer and glitter in there too. I love the Nail Lacquers (£2.90 each) which are super-fun topcoats  with confetti-like shades to match for pastel tones, candyeffect
nails or brilliant glittering nail art. There are four to choose from – Golden Icing Sugar, Cotton Candy Rose, Preiwinkle Cream, and Tiffany Macaron.

KIKO Milano Candy Split Nail Colours

And to keep those nails in shape – the cutest toffee sweetie shaped nail files (£2.90 for two). And there are adorable Nail Art Stickers (£2.90 – there are two versions to choose from) too – in all sorts of confectionery delights!

Kiko MIlano Giannico Candy Split Nail Set

The Candy Split Serum (£15.90) is a moisturising serum to create the perfect base. The Highlighter (£7.90) is an illuminator with a marbled effect, and is dome shaped – so you can highlight targeted areas effortlessly.

Cute KIKO Candy Split Collection

For lips, Lip Scrub (£6.90) contains sugar crystals and is strawberry flavoured. There’s a clever Lips Mattifier (£5.90) that turns any lipstick into a matte.

I adore the Lipsticks (£5.90) in this collection with their candy-striped lids. The colours are great – Cherished Rose, Lovely Lavender, Violet Gaze, and a wacky Creamy Sage.

KIKO Milano Candy Split Lipsticks

The Eyeshadow (£5.90) comes in cute striped tubes, and there are four shades – Violet Cupcake, Mauve Lollipop, Golden Sorbet, and Mild Green.

KIKO Milano Candly Split Eyeshadow Swatches

There are also four shades of Eye Pencil (£5.90)Rosy Marshmallow, Candy Iris, Sweet Milk Mint, and Chewy Liquorice

Kiko Milano Candly Split Eye Pencils

I also really like the Brush Cleaning Pad (£4.90) – I’ve never used one of these before. It’s a practical and easy-to-use silicone mat tool for cleaning brushes  – the different textured surfaces mean you can clean all sorts of brushes effectively. You use it under cold water with a neutral soap.

KIKO Milano Candy Split Cleaning pad and brushes

And there are brushes too, of course! A set of three (£15.90) – foundation, face owder, and and eyeshadow/concealer brush, which come in a cute pastel-coloured case – of course!

All in all the collection is super-sweet! it’s candy-kitsch and it’s so cheap you can afford to pick up lots of bits of it.

Kiko Milano x Giannico available now from KIKO stores, and