Benefit Brownanza Brow Wardrobe

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There’s one of the bakers on this years Great British Bake Off who is a bit more style than substance, isn’t there? Steven – he makes amazing cakes, pastries, loaves, etc, and  they look so cool, but sometimes they just don’t taste that good.

Benefit can be a bit like the beauty world equivalent. Sometimes their products look So fabulous, but when you use them, they’re a bit, well, ‘meh’. Over the years they have had some amazing looking products that just didn’t always actually deliver.

BUT. That is not the case with their brow products. And that’s probably why they are still going big on brows and have released the most ridiculous, yet fabulous, Brownanza Brow Wardrobe. It’s a set of brow products that come in a box shaped like a wardrobe. It’s sort of like a doll’s house wardrobe, and maybe it could be used as such once emptied.

The Great Brownanza from Benefit


It contains seven products – five best-selling full-size brow products and two professional tools, and it comes in shades 3 and 5.

The products you get are High Brow, the creamy highlighting pencil, Gimme Brow, volumizing fibre gel, Ka-Brow! cream/gel brow colour with brush, Brow Zings taming and shaping kit, and Goof Proof Brow Pencil, and the tools are Angled Brow Brush and Spoolie, and Benefit’s Brow Mapping Tool so you get the shape right.

Benefit's Brow Wardrobe Christmas Gift

My fave products are the Ka Brow! and Brow Zings. I haven’t found another product out there that matches Brow Zings in shade 3 when it comes to giving me perfect brows. I love it.

This set is Limited Edition and it’s a brilliant deal – alone the products are worth £107.60, but the set is just £45. Get it while stocks last, from Benefit counters, and And share those brow shots with #BenefitBrows