NEW Aveda Texture Tonic

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After my holiday the sun, sea and swimming pool have taken their toll on my locks. My hair is over processed, and has gone a bit flat, to say the least.

So, I was delighted to try Aveda’s new Texture Tonic this week. I love the tousled, undone, effortless look – who doesn’t – and this spray will try to give you that hair texture we all crave!

It combines a unique balance of ingredients, including  Magnesium Sulfate  – Epsom Salts – which adds a raw grip, and Cane Sugar which hydrates and softens, to help achieve that tousled look without drying the hair, or adding that horrible crunchy feeling.

Apparently after testing salt sprays and sugar sprays, a trusted group of Aveda Global Artists decided the results were best when both were combined, and Texture Tonic was born.

Magnesium sulfate plus the pH of the formula work on the hair strand by helping to contract and compress it, imparting definition instantly, while sugar acts as a natural humectant. The end result is hair that has that desired ‘piecey’ texture, but still has natural shine with a great flexible hold – Sarah Williams, Aveda Global Director of Product Development.

I’ve never got on well with salt sprays, I have to say. I’ve always felt they dried my hair out, and left it feeling a bit yuck – but this genuinely is different. Hair does feel soft!

Here are Aveda’s Top Tips on how to apply and use the product.

  • After tonging the hair, spritz Texture Tonic throughout tresses from mid-lengths to ends, and scrunch in to open the curl and for a a raw, natural, tousled texture.
  • Always start with less product and layer more as you need to gradually achieve your ultimate texture,
  • Before blow-drying, spritz Texture Tonic throughout tresses and twist the hair as you dry for loose, textured waves.
  • Scrunch Texture Tonic into wet hair and leave to air dry for a mussed-up feel
  • Pull hair into a sleek ponytail and spritz Texture Tonic through the lengths to create a cool contrast between sleek roots and undone lengths.

Texture Tonic has a gorgeous smell – a blend of certified organic ginger, ylang ylang and clary sage. Use the hashtag #smellslikeaveda on social media when you share.

Texture Tonic, £21, is available now at Aveda salons and stores, and online at