Too Faced launch Melted Latex High Shine Lips

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Enough already with the matte. Well, okay, not really, but Too faced has launched something COMPLETELY different for this AW season – their Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick.

And this stuff shines! Being a matte fan before everyone was a matte fan, I was not really looking forward to trying these out. I was being stubborn. But…I love them. Let’s get this straight from the start – they’re NOT like 1990s or early Noughties lip glosses that were shiny, and sticky, impractical, and everything stuck to them. Things have moved on, lip colour fans,  thankfully.

Melted Latex from Too Faced

As much as I loved MAC’s Pink poodle lip glass, it was just a pain in the proverbial to wear. These are shiny – but they’re not glosses – if that makes sense?

They’re liquid lipsticks – they’re quite thick, and they have a great shine, but it’s not that glossy shine of the 1980s either. It’s a subtle shine – and it makes a nice change from the matte. They also come in some excellent colours –  16 of them in total, including one called Unicorn’s Tears – which I have not tried.

Too Faced Melted Latex High Shine Lips

I’ve tried a fair few others, and they’re not all for me  – I won’t be rocking Twilight Zone – a putrid purple – any time soon, but you may love it. I predict pink Peekaboo to be a top-seller, and I, predictably, would like a red. I don’t actually have a red to try though, which is a shame.


Anyway, there are loads of colours – brilliant names, including But First, Lipstick, Safe Word, Pop The Bubbly and many more.

Too Faced Melted Latex Liquified High Shine Lipstick, £19, out now, Debenhams,