Guerlain KISS KISS collection

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This lovely little collection from Guerlain launches next month and I also wrote about it for a piece in the Daily Record.

If you love glamour and lip products, this is for you. First up, the KissKiss Matte Lipstick (£27.50) – the first hydrating and plumping matte by Guerlain, it’s as intense as a lipstick and as comfortable as a balm. It contains hyaluronic acid and Nigella sativa oil to nourish and plump the lips over time – and there’s a chilli derivative in there giving you a hot and cold skin micro-massage, say Guerlain!  There are nine bright matte shades of the lipstick to choose from, and the gold coating on the iconic packaging by Hervé Van der Straeten is also matte.

Guerlain Lips AW17 Matte and Liquid
Next up it’s the Intense Liquid Matte (£25). I’m addicted to liquid matte lips just now. Guerlain say theirs is ‘as creamy as a gloss and as intense as a lipstick’. The formula again contains hydrating hyaluronic acid, and Centealla asiatica to ensure it gives a matte finish, but isn’t drying. There are seven red hot shades of this, each of them highly pigmented. I’ve tried a pink and it is a lovely colour – bit subtle for me, but it really doesn’t dry, and lasts. Lovely.

Finally, last but most definitely not least is the lovely KissKiss From Paris Palette (£44). Inspired by the most romantic city in the world, there are two lovely contouring palettes to choose from – Passionate Kiss reds, and Romantic Kiss nude pinks.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lip Palette in Romantique

Each palette is a luxurious black lacquer case which conceals two brushes: a foam brush for the base, and a double-ended brush with a bevelled end for drawing and another for smoothing.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lip Palette Red Passion

So, there’s a base, and then three creamy textures, each in a different shade to allow you to enhance and define the lip contour, and apply complementary colours. It’s all about lip contouring this autumn!

Guerlain KissKiss Collection, available now at Guerlain counters, and