Clinique launch new High Impact mascara

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The quest for beautiful, long, lush, curly, voluminous, thick eyelashes is real! There’s a new Clinique mascara out this week which was inspired by a Latin American trend where women were using spoons to get a continuous, arched curl in their lashes!

I have just spent the last 15 minutes watching videos of women curling their lashes with a spoon – and I am amazed, and NEW Clinique High Impact Lash Elevating Mascaraa little queasy (I’m very squeamish). Wow. Where have I been? I did not know this was a beauty hack! I really need to up my game.

Or maybe not. Rather than use a spoon I’ve tried the new Clinique High Impact Lash Elevating Mascara. (I may yet give the spoon thing a go, but knowing me, it probably wouldn’t end well!).

I love a Clinique mascara. My recent addiction is their Lash Power Flutter-to-Full mascara, and in the past I was addicted to their High Lengths. This new one is another brilliant mascara.

It’s a lightweight, mousse-like formula, and it has ‘innovative curling polymers to shape and hold lashes in place all day and help prevent them from drooping over time’.

I honestly have to say I have never really given the curl on my lashes much of a thought over the last 30-odd years, but it clearly is a big issue for some. This mascara does curl.

It contains conditioning oils to keep lashes healthy and soft to  touch  – the main ingredient being Mamey Oil.

This oil is a derivative of the seed of the Mamey Sapote fruit, and is found in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

An excellent source of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, it’s been found to be extremely beneficial as a conditioner for the hair, skin and scalp.

The brush is tapered to help you get to every lash, and Clinique have something they have called the ‘Push Up’ technique.

Start at the base of the lashes, wiggle the brush side to side as you pull it up through lashes to evenly coat and separate. And repeat on the other eye.

Clinique also suggest letting the mascara completely dry before applying a second or third coat – and I have to say I am guilty of rushing the application and causing clumping.

For eve more ‘oomph’,  Clinique tell us to coat both sides of our lashes – do you not already do that? I do.

Anyway, if you want curly lashes  – without having to resort to a spoon –  then this mascara is for you.
NEW High Impact™ Lash Elevating Mascara, £18, available at Clinique counters nationwide, and from August 18.