AINSEL Lipstick - new beauty brand

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I love a new beauty brand – and this one is a lot of fun. Meet AINSEL (deriving from the old English for myself), a new ‘digital beauty brand’. Yep, a digital beauty brand – founded by Millennials – but for whoever wants to be a part of it!

Lipstick brand AINSEL

The lipsticks – the core of the brand – are formulated and handcrafted in their unique London lab. Or, as founder, Lana, puts it:

AINSEL is a beauty brand with a conscience, conceptualised by a team of millennial minds. Each lipstick is formulated and hand­crafted in their unique LONDON LAB and is 100% cruelty free, using food grade pigments and no added nasties. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all beauty because we are all different and should celebrate that.

AINSEL’s Capsule Lipstick Collection comes in a palette of uber-cool colours, which are seaosn-less, in a creamy yet bold matte finish. So, we have a sexy and bold red, Pencil Skirt; White Tee for a subtle nude, and other cute shades called Sarong, Kimono, Costume, Button Up, Plisse, and Mini.

AINSEL Lipstick swatches

AINSEL will ‘ drop’ new shades throughout the year, but won’t have seasonal releases. And, come October, they will also be creating bespoke lipsticks – or rather you will be creating them.

AINSEL Lipsticks

Alongside the lipsticks, there is a mini range of pin badges to collect, and 100% proceeds of each pin sale go straight to The Shine Project charity.  – an organisation that celebrates and champions confidence in young girls, building strength and inspiring them to believe that they are beautiful, valuable, loveable and most importantly, unique.

What’s not to love about that?

AINSEL pin badges

You can find AINSEL lipsticks at – priced £19.50 each, pins are £12 each.