Sort the curls with Bed Head by TIGI

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Another new range of products for curly/wavy/frizzy hair lands in my office, and I promptly look at them and consign them to the ‘maybe later’ bin. I just can’t deal with my curly hair! The new products from Bed Head by TIGI are all Wimbledon purple and green and have ridiculous names like Calma Sutra, and I’m sure they are fab.

I remember the original Bed Head wax stick, after all. The products are good. When it comes to waves and
curls TIGI knows there’s no such thing as ‘one-size-fits all’ – and that’s so important. I grew up in an age when none of this existed, and I think my deep-rooted (pardon the pun) dislike of my curls comes from that.

And I always try  these products, go curly for a day, and then think ‘nah, blow dry, wand and straighteners please’!

However, if you have curly hair and are better at dealing with it, then these are the best frizz-fighters you will get.

First up is the Calma Sutra  Cleansing Conditioner for Waves and Curls (£17.95), which will stimulate tired waves and curls thansk to nourishing babassu and Brazil nut oil. It has a sulphate-free, no foam formula, which is gentleon the scalp. A hydracurl blend penetrates the hair fibres to hydrate from within, while the anti-tangle complex detangles and improves manageability by aligning the hair fibres.

The Screw It Curl Hydrating Jelly Oil (£13.75) locks in moisture and shine to those curls. It contains 40% glycerine, and penetrates the hair fibre to condition from within, while TIGI’s unique frizz-fighting complex smooths the outer
layer of hair, reducing frizz and taming flyaways. Use on its own or with your favourite curl styler.

New waves, curls and frizz from Bed Head by TIGI


The Get Twisted  Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray (£13.50) keeps curls in check. It’s a lightweight, fast-drying spray with nutrient-rich, super-hydrating coconut water. It locks in style without stickiness.

Finally, the Foxy Curls Contour Cream (£13.50) is new and improved, and the formula now features TIGI’s latest curl technology to provide waves and curls with improved definition. You can contour the curls, and fight the frizz at the same time with this one.

Perhaps I really need to give my curls another go!

All products are available now from stockists – visit for more info.