New SOS face masks from Clarins

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 Clarins launch three new SOS face masks next month for three different skin concerns. These lovely masks will address dehydration, unbalanced skin, and dryness. Each of them comes in a 75ml tube.

The SOS Hydra Refreshing hydration mask is not, as you may think, for dry skin, but for dehydrated skin. And every skin type, even oil, can experience temporary dehydration due to several factors including temperature changes and the elements, including sun, wind and pollution. If you are experiencing that tight feeling, or your complexion looks a bit dull, this is the mask for you. SOS Hydra helps to intensely moisturise and restore radiance, thanks to organic leaf of life extract and hyaluronic acid complex. The cooling cream-gel texture is refreshing, complementing the sorbet fragrance.

SOS Hydra Face Mask

The SOS Pure Rebalancing clay mask is for combination to oily skin which is unbalanced and prone to imperfections, shine and enlarged pores. These are the result of high levels of sebum in the hydrolipidic film. This lovely mask has an absorbent, non-drying, powdery cream texture which purifies and restores velvety-soft skin thanks to to an effective combination of plant ingredients. Organic alpoine willow herb exgtract limits the shine, and a combination of white and green clay absorbs impurities.

Clarins SOS Pure Face Mask

Finally, the SOS Comfort Nourishing balm mask is for those of us who have permanently dry skin, and dream of velvety skin and a glowing complexion. Unlike temporary dehydration, dryness is permanent. Skin can feel rough, uncomfortable and tight, thanks to a low level of sebum in the hydrolipidic film on the skin surface. This lovely mask envelops and nourished the skin in a rich, buttery cream texture. Wild mango better helps to nourish and soften, and Mango oil, rich in fatty acids, protects against dehydration.

Clarins SOS Comfort Face Mask

How to mask!

Follow Clarins’ guidelines on how to use these – and any – face masks!

* Contrary to popular belief…Masks are not just for occasional use to treat the skins occasional needs. They should be applied regularly, once or twice a week.
* Before you apply,exfoliate…Exfoliation stimulates skin renewal and makes skin more receptive to products applied afterwards.
* Apply your mask in the bath…A hot bath will allow the pores to open,optimising product absorption.
* Once the mask is applied,relax…With your face relaxed,the mask’s results will be even more visible.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and helps encourage smoother skin. It’s a product that acts on the surface. A mask, on the other hand, acts like a rebalancing treatment which bathes cells in active ingredients that restore the skin’s radiance, softness, comfort and firmness, depending on the skin’s needs. You can also add a drop of oil to your mask, to encourage absorption into the skin’s layers. A mask is more effective after exfoliating the skin and enhances the action of the day or night cream applied afterwards. – Dr Olivier Coutin-Clarins

Clarins SOS Mask, £30 each, are available from Clarins counters and from August.