Estee Lauder Nutritious Micro-Algae range

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Estee Lauder’s Nutritious Micro-Algae range has been sitting in my office for weeks, and I keep forgetting about it! That’s not a good start! To be honest, it’s probably because it’s not really for my skin type. It’s more for anyone who has blemish issues, or an oilier complexion. But I am trying to use different skincare on different areas of my face, to address issues I have.

So, I can use this is my more oiler T-zone, to try to deal with those pores on my nose and chin.

Crafted with specially cultivated, cold-processed nutrient-dense algae – and inspired by Koran beauty –  the collection helps free skin of impurities and pollution caused by urban life – giving you a healthier glow, and refining those pores.

Estee Lauder Nutritious Micro Algae range

Designed to purify and balance, skin looks and feels more poreless, shine-free, fresh and hydrated. New Nutritious Micro-Algae products are developed with innovative textures inspired by Korean beauty, and perfectly mix and match with the existing Lauder Nutritious pomegranate products to detox and infuse skin, restoring a fresh, radiant glow.

The triple algae blend features the following algae:

Chlorella – an emerald green, freshwater micro-algae rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
Spirulina – a  blue-green micro-algae loaded with protein and vitamins including phytonutrients.
Laminaria Saccharina – a brown macro-algae rich in chlorophyll, beta-carotene and polyphenols.

You will know these algae, they’re not new ingredients, in skincare or nutrition – but blended together, they are a new take on this sort of skincare.

Let’s focus on four products in the range, starting with the Pore Purifying Cleansing Jelly (£21), which is a soft jelly cleanser, with an elastic texture which helps draw out impurities as it lathers into a light, silky foam that rinses clean. It takes your makeup off, leaves pores looking less congested after just one week of use, and your complexion will look more balanced.

The Pore Purifying Cleansing Bar (£20) packed with Chlorella is made in Japan with a 10-step process that takes over 60 days to complete. It is moulded and cut into bars, then cured in wooden boxes for two months before being hand polished. This produces a long-lasting, soap-free, gentle cleansing bar that lathers in a velvety foam and helps purify and detox skin of daily impurities to leave it feeling refreshed. This product is brilliant. Forget wipes, and balms, cleansing bars are the way to go!

The Pore Minimizing Shake Tonic (£21) is a unique clay-in-tonic  which mixes upon shaking to deliver the perfect ratio of clay to tonic. The liquid tonic phase refreshes skin and immediately minimizes the look of pores. The micro-clay phase, including that triple algae blend and light diffusing optics together with the clay, instantly absorbs excess oil to reduce shine. Use it after cleansing.

Finally, the Pore Minimizing Hydra Lotion (£36) is a very light milky lotion which instantly provides radiance and a burst of hydration that lasts all day. It contains all the algae, loads of anti-oxidants, and leaves skin balanced.

All of the new products have a gorgeous new signature scent which is just lovely. It’s a garden-fresh interpretation of leafy green vitality, all earthy and woody, and just lovely!

The Nutritious Micro-Algae range is available now, at Estee Lauder counters, and online at