Barry M Matte Me Up Metallic Mattes

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OOH, these are a wee bit different now, aren’t they? Barry M’s latest matte lip venture is of the metallic variety! The Matte Me Up Lip Kits come in three shades, and each one has a lip pencil and a liquid matte lipstick.

Barry M Metallic Matte Lips

These are fun, and perfect for the summer. The matte look could be a wee bit harsh for sultry summer nights, but if it’s metallic …

It’s no secret…metallics have finally landed. Whether you’re after full lip coverage or accents of these daringly bold pigments, Barry M’s new Matte Me Up Metallic Lip Kits have you covered. My top tip for the summer is to forget tradition and pair bold statement eyes with a flawless metallic lip; why do one when you can do both? – Adam Burrell, Makeup Artist 

So, there are three shades to choose from – Allure, 24 Carat, and Prestige.

Allure is a gorgeous metallic pink, perfect for those who love a pink lip, but just want to ramp it up a bit for summer.

Barry M Metallic Matte in Allure

24 Carat is, of course, a beautiful bronze, liquid gold. Gild your lips, not guild your lips, as the press release mistakenly said!

Barry M Metallic Matte Lip Kit in Carat

Finally, there’s Prestige, a deep, berry, burgundy shade. I don’t love this one on me – I feel a little pale, but it’s perfect with a hint of tan, or on darker skintones.

Barry M Metallic Matte Lip Kit Prestige


So, each kit has a lip pencil, to apply first, and then the matte lipstick. Goes on easily, doesn’t dry the lips out, and is beautifully metallic, without being over the top bling!

Barry M Matte Me Up Metallic Lip Kits, £6.99, at Superdrug now, and from July 5, at Boots stores nationwide.