Lancome's Matte Shaker Lips

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Lancome’s new Matte Shaker lips promise SO much – but, for me,  I’m not sure they fully deliver.

I love a matte lip. Matte lips have been THE big trend in lipstick for a while now, and there are some seriously great mattes out there. Most recently, I have become addicted to Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Bang Bang. It is an amazing red. It goes on easily, and then dries matte very quickly, doesn’t dry too much, and stays on!

Lancome's Matte Shaker Lips

One thing I did instantly love about these new Lancome Matte Shakers was the packaging – totally reminded me of my vintage 1970s sugar shaker!


This, however, takes around two minutes to dry to a matte, and even then, it isn’t that matte. The colours are great. The press office sent me four to try and I love the Magic Orange, which I am wearing in the photo below.

Matte Shakers

I also tried Yummy Pink, Pink Power and Kiss Me Cherie – all my favourites. Other shades available are Beige Vintage, Energy Peach and Red’y in.  

Following on from the popular Juicy Shaker, the Matte Shaker is fun, in cosmetic form. You simply shake it to cover the foam applicator bud, and then apply. Easy to apply, but you do have to shake quite a few times, and quite vigorously to get them going.

The finish is quite matte, and the one great thing is it isn’t drying at all – it actually feels really pliable, and smooth on the lips!

So to sum up:

PLUS POINTS: not drying at all, good range of colours

MINUS POINTS: takes too long to dry, colours not full-on bright, matte just not matte enough

Lancome Matte Shakers, £19.50, available now, from and counters nationwide