Benefit's Porefessional pore minimizing makeup

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Benefit launch the latest product in the Porefessional line this month – pore minimizing makeup. It’s essentially a foundation, or let’s call it a base, with corrective powers, namely pore minimizing of course!

Benefit's new POREfessional team member!

I adore the packaging – it’s what Benefit do best, turning a simple beauty product into something fun. You twist off the top, then pull the sponge applicator out of the bottom of the bottle, and use to apply the product  that comes out in doses when you press the button on the side.

The beauty of this is that you can control the amount that comes out, meaning you can apply to the whole face, or just the bits that you think have pores that need minimized. It comes in five shades.

Benefit Porefessional pore minimizing makeup shades

Benefit position this product as step three in a pore minimizing beauty routine. After using the Porefessional Instant Wipe Out Masks, then the Matte Rescue Super-Mattifying Gel, and the Porefessional Primer, then it’s time for this new product.

And then, if you like, you can use the Agent Zero Shine powder to further mattify.

I don’t have massive pore issues, but I did use this on my chin, where I seem bothered the most, and  it gives nice coverage, not too drying, or tight.

Applying the new Benefit POREfessional makeup

Benefit The Porefessional Pore Minimizing Makeup, £26, available May, from Benefit locations, and