Tom Ford Soleil 2017

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Okay, this is the new Tom Ford Soleil 2017 Makeup collection – as much as I know about it. I wasn’t actually shown the lip balms, or even told about their existence, so I have no info on those, or price info. And apparently there is a mini Paradiso collection also available, according to the blogosphere.

Inspired by shades reflecting contrast between sun-kissed and sunset“, let me first deal with those mystery lip colours. When I instagrammed the image of the products the PR had set up for me, there were no lips, and I mentioned as such, but when the info and images came through – there were lips!

Lip Balms, to be precise, five different shades, all in the same white and gold packaging as the rest of the summer products.

Tom Ford Soleil 2017 Lip Balms


The collection is, obviously, about bronzing, and getting that ‘sun-kissed’ look. And that might feel even more remote than ever in Scotland this week, with the sleet and snow! But we can dream.

If you have a spare £72, you can buy the Ultimate Bronzer, a lightweight liquid powder formula which will highlight your skin, in matte or shimmer finishes. Embossed with the Tom Ford logo, there are three shades of Bronzer to choose from. Oh, and there’s a lovely brush to apply it with – the Soleil Bronzing Brush (£68) is retractable, and uber-soft, yet synthetic.

Tom FOrd Soleil 2017 Powder bronzers

Personally I love a Bronzing Gel, and Tom Ford has introduced one this summer. It’s £36 and is a lovely matte gel to give natural radiance. Not for contouring, apparently…I was quickly corrected when I suggested this!

Tom Ford Soleil Bronzing Gel

Perhaps that’s because there is a Soleil Contouring Compact in this collection too. The shade is Soleil Afterglow, and this one is £78. It has three shades of powder – a blush, a highlighter, and a bronzer. The blush is pink, as is the highlighter, and the bronzer is, well, bronze! You can use alone or together, for a natueal glow, or a more contoured look. I have to admit being a bit lost with this one.

Tom Ford Soleil Contour Compact

I do love the Skin Illuminator in Firelust (£68). I still have an old bottle of this product, in whatever shade it was back then, and I am hopeful I can still use it! It’s now in a more holiday-friendly, portable, plastic bottle, and is it a lovely product.

There are two sheer cheek products – the Sheer Cheek Duo in Paradise Lust – two blushes in warm pink-peach and coral, use wet or dry for sheer or vibrant colour – is bright and bold. The Sheer Highlighting Duo in Reflects Gilt, is inspired by colours of sunrise and sunset –  use on the face or on the eyes. Both are £58.

Tom Ford Soleil Eye and Cheek Duos

Tom Ford’s Cream and Powder Eye Color (£48) comes in Young Adonis and Sun Worship this summer – this product isn’t new, and it’s nice, but I have to admit the glitter in one of the winter versions I had once wasn’t brilliant when it came to coverage. The cream shadow can be worn alone, or add the glittery powder on top for an intensified look.

Tom Ford’s Soleil 2017 Collection is avalable from April 28 at counters – Harvey Nichols and select Fraser’s in Scotland.