Alpha-H launch Liquid Gold Rose

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Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold is one of my absolute favourite beauty products. it launched back in 2000, and utilises Glycolic Acid to thoroughly cleanse/exfoliate your skin.

You use it once, every other day,  in the evening before bed, and I cannot stress enough how good it is. If I stop using it, I feel the difference – and I see it very quickly.

Now, Alpha-H are introducing their award-winning treatment in a new formula – Liquid Gold Rose, which will be available exclusively from QVC at the end of next month, and then everywhere from July.

Using the blueprint of their global best-seller 200 formulation, the brand have added a whole host of richly aromatic botanicals, antioxodants, minerals and clinically proven moisture boosters. These include Rose, Scared Lotus, and Orchid Petal. Combined with Glycolic Acid and Liquid Gold’s low pH delivery system, the product instantly stimulates the skin’s cellular metabolism.

NEW Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose

Rose is one of my very favourite ingredients and smells, and has long been uses for its therapeutic benefits. The seeds and petals are laced with anti-ageing and antioxidant vitamins A,C,D and E, in addition to essential fatty acids. Rose also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, making it ideal for mature, dry and stressed skin.

Orchids are also great in skincare, and the Sacred Lotus Flowers have skin-conditioning flower acids. The mineral infusion is a mix of Dead Sea Salts, Red Algae, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. They all acts as humectants – that means they bind and draw more moisture into the skin.

So, this new version is great for those with a more delicate, dry or sensitive skin, which is good news for me, as at times, Liquid Gold could be a wee bit much, and other exfoliants can be a bit rough.

As with the original, just apply once every other night, with a cotton pad, and don’t put anything on top of it, to get the most out of it. It will tingle a wee bit, but you will feel – and see- the benefits of using this very quickly.

Alpha-H Liquid Rose Gold, £37.50, available from QVC, exclusively from end of May, then  M&S Beauty, ASOS, and more from July. Visit for more info.