NEW Bare Minerals Bare Pro Foundation

2 min read

I am not a lover of powder foundation. I’m not a lover of face powder. I have never really been a fan of BareMinerals powder foundation. But…their latest addition, the new Bare Pro, has made me change my mind…a little!

I remember the first makeover I had on a BareMinerals counter – and not for good reasons. I felt caked in the stuff, felt it sticking to my skin, and blocking my pores. No matter what I am told about powder foundastions and dry skin (which I have), I just can’t get my head around it. Yes, I know, it’s minerals, and it feels smooth, and you don’t need a lot, etc, etc.


But it’s just not really for me. A few weeks ago I had the Bare Minerals original powder foundation applied to one part of my face, and the new Bare Pro Performance Powder Foundation to another, and the latter wins hands down.

I know that many of you love the original, and, if you do, or even if you don’t, I am guessing you will love this new Bare Pro pressed powder foundation as much, or even more.

It has a matte finish, it is long-lasting, it doesn’t feel caked, and, when applied with the new Core Coverage Brush, it goes on easily. It’s still a strange one for me, because I prefer liquids, and light liquid formulas at that.


But when applied with this brush, the right way – sweeping this on, and down, as opposed to buffing, like the original formula, the coverage isn’t heavy, is buildable, and feels good on the skin.

There are 20 shades of the new Bare Pro, and the retractable brush is fab – affirming the brand’s position as the UK’s No1 brush brand.

BareMinerals Bare Pro Performance Wear Powder Foundation, £27, and  Core Coverage Brush, £24, are available now from BareMinerals boutiques and locations, and