Aveda launch Be Curly Masque and Co-Wash

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Aveda launch two new products into their Be Curly range in the next two months – Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque and Be Curly Co-Wash.

The Co-Wash comes first, in July, and here is another one of those products that slightly baffles me. A co-wash – any co-wash, there are quite a few out there now – is a sort of half-shampoo. I’m not entirely sure what this means. Aveda Be Curly Co Wash

It still washes your hair, but it just doesn’t lather as much as a normal shampoo? it’s just not as much of a clean as a normal shampoo? A hair expert from another company told me a co-wash would be great for me, as I hate washing my hair, due to losing the colour from my red.

But I can’t really see how that works. I’m still washing it, with a co-wash, right? Maybe it’s just me, but this is all quite confusing. It certainly makes ‘I’m washing my hair’ a pretty valid reason for not going on a date – by the time you’ve figured out your products, it’d be too late anyway!

Anyway, this one is low lather, sulfate-free, and reminded me of the curly hair range from Boucleme I blogged about on here earlier this year.

Subrina Kidd, Aveda UK Textured Hair Specialist, explains a bit better than me.

A Co-Wash is an effective way of gently cleansing the hair while preserving the moisturise that curly and coily hair craves,” she says. “Regular cleansing shampoos can often leave hair looking and feeling dry and brittle.

“This low-lather, sulfate-free formula will refresh and revive the hair texture or curl pattern without removing necessary moisture.

“To avoid tangling, sub-divide the hair into four sections – using the palm of your hands, massage the Co-Wash into each section, and comb through, and then rinse thoroughly.”

So, that’s quite specific. You then follow with conditioner, if you want, and then, come August, when it is launched, you’ll be able to add the new Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque into the mix.

The hero ingredients in both these products are Babassu Oil and Cassava to help fright frizz and Baobab Oil to help condition. They smell delicious thanks to a blend of organic lime, lemon, bergamot and orange.

Aveda Be Curly MasqueSo, the new Masque. You pop this on after your Co-Wash or shampoo, leave for 2-5 minutes, and rinse. Or you follow Subrina’s expert advice; and her top tips for reducing tangles.

1. Before applying the Masque in the shower to cleansed hair, gently squeeze to reduce as much water as possible. Apply in sections working from the ends upwards and allow the product to penetrate for at least a few minutes before using your fingers to tease out tangles.

Using your fingers rather than a comb allows you to gently pry knots apart while closely monitoring pressure and minimising breakage – perfect for those with finer, fragile hair. Follow with a paddle brush for thicker hair.

2. Detangle your hair when it is dry and at its strongest and ends are less vulnerable to damage. Use a nourishing oil like Aveda’s Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil to hydrate and ease out tangles, beginning at the ends, and working the way up towards the scalp. Work on one knot/tangle at a time.

3. Twist and tie hair back for bed – this will help to reduce any tangles or knots reforming as you move around throughout the night.

So, there you are – your curly hair problems should all be solved now. I am just gutted that I didn’t have all of this knowledge and these products when I was a teenager, or I might have learned to love my curls more! It’s never too late though, is it!

Aveda Be Curly Co-Wash, £17.50, 250ml, is available from July, and Aveda Be Curly Intensive Detangling Masque, £20.50, 150ml, is available from August, at Aveda salons and spas, and aveda.co.uk