Chanel's CC Cream

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Here’s a lovely new Chanel product for you; the CC Cream. Yes, CC Creams are still around! Chanel’s is offering the ‘strength of simplicity‘, and by that they mean five actions in one single step. I kind of wish they had used their interlinked iconic double C for this, but maybe that is taking it too far!

So, this is, as most CC creams are, a complete skincare product. You can instantly correct any minor flaws, with reasonable makeup coverage, and it works away whilst on the skin to help with loads of other concerns. Chanel CC Cream

Chanel state that their CC Cream Corrects, Soothes, Moisturises, Protects and Perfects. So, let’s break that down, shall we? They say the CC stands for Complete Correction.

First, correction comes from a complex of  Prunus persica peach extract, an anti-ageing ingredient specific to Chanel, which stimulates the skin’s natural defenses against surrounding pollutants and improves its regenerating functions.
Signs of aging are corrected, and any wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed. Excellent

The soothing comes from a natural marine extract which acts on the surface and inside the epidermis to comfort skin.

Moisturisation comes from good old hyaluronic acid to help maintain optimal hydration levels.

Protection is via SPF50/PA++++ sunscreens whcih block UVA and UVB rays that accelerate skin ageing.

Perfection is the final step, and this comes from coated pigments, selected for their hold, uniformity and
affinity with skin. They immediately reduce the appearance of redness, dark spots and enlarged pores for a fresh and natural makeup result.Chanel CC Cream

This CC Cream has a workable texture – it’s quite thick, which means it does give a reasonable coverage, which is also buildable. It comes in four shades to cover the skintone spectrum – B10, B20, B30 and B40.

I have tried this CC Cream with moisturiser and serum underneath and with nothing, and with just serum. I would just see what suits you best. I find moisturiser underneath it in certain areas of my face that need that extra hydration works well.

You can use alone, or you can use as a primer for a powder, but you don’t need anything else on top of this – this is a lovely moderate coverage product.

Chanel CC Cream Complete Correction SPF50, £44 for 30ml, from Chanel counters. Visit for more info.