Sisley launch new Eyeshadow Quad

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Sisley’s latest makeup launch is their Phyto 4 Ombres – two lovely eyeshadow palettes with a bold, bright harlequin design to the cases. Each palette has four shades in it – there’s two very different palettes, the nude toned Dream palette, and the bolder Mystery palette.


Each palette is £57, and I know, I know, how on earth can anyone justify that much on eyeshadow. But it is true that money will buy you quality when it comes to this eyeshadow. I’ve recently been wearing Tom Ford’s latest eyeshadows (blogged about them back in January) and they may cost, but they are worth every penny if it’s staying power you want. They last ALL night, and, I can testify to this, right through the night as well – my smokey eye was pretty much exactly the same in the morning as it was when I created it last Friday night! Check out my photo! (Do not follow my lead and leave your makeup on over night, though!)


I haven’t given this Sisley shadow the overnight test yet, but it does go on beautifully, feels amazing, the colour is great, and that’s not a surprise when you see what is in it.  Phyto 4 Ombres contains microsized pigments that guarantee an intensely pure and luminous colour with no product residue. These eyeshadows feel really velvety, aren’t powdery at all, and are a mix of matte, metallic and satin finish. The various layers of mother-of-pearl in them work to give different finishes.  They also contain Green Tea, Camellia and White Lily, a blend of Sisley skincare ingredients, ensuring the shadow isn’t drying at all.


The Dream palette is a harmony of nude tones   – Silk rose – a delicate and iridescent pink, Velvet brown – a sparkling chocolate brown, Satin copper – a golden brown with intense reflections, and Pearl beige – a frosty and hypnotic pale beige

The Mystery palette is a harmony of smoky tones  – Gun – a gunmetal grey with chrome reflections, Matte black – an extra-matt coal black, Denim – a sapphire blue of metallic brilliance, and Ivory – an off-white with a frosty sparkle.

If you love eyeshadow, and want something nourishing and long-lasting, then check out these new quads.

Sisley Phyto 4 Ombres, £57,