Jo Malone Rock The Ages

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Jo Malone’s latest collection is, I’d have to say, more for the collectors than the purists. Granted, there are a few lovely new fragrances within this collection (and good old Pomegranate Noir), all dressed up in cute, ribbon-adorned bottles, but it seems sort of transient to me, for such a big launch. It is Limited Edition, of course, but it seems, I guess what I am saying is – will the scents be missed when they are gone? Would any of them make it to the permanent collection?

Rock The Ages, says Jo Malone London, “celebrates everything that is great about Great Britain.” Great Britain is, according to the brand, “proud, illustrious, and a little eccentric – a nation renowned for its distinguished history and defining eras.”

Jo Malone is celebrating all of that, of course, in scent. Five scents, to be precise, to represent five periods in British history.


First up is Tudor Rose & Amber. Not one for the Scots, perhaps – the Tudor rose is still used today as a royal symbol of England. But it is warm and lovely. Blended with rose absolute, clove and ginger, and golden amber, it’s a lovely, rich, sumptuous fragrance.

I really love Lily of the Valley & Ivy, which represents the pastel gentility of Georgian London, so say Jo Malone. Sparkling cassis and green ivy open the fragrance, and dewy lily of the valley is at its heart. It’s light, ethereal, and very pretty.

Then there’s Pomegranate Noir which expresses the drama of the Victoria era in this collection. If you don’t know pomegranate noir, it’s a rich, luscious pomegranate, spiked with Casablanca lily, cool spice, pink peer, and sensual Gualacwood.


Next up are Edwardian summers, represented by Geranium & Verbena. Gorgeous, aromatic verbena and basil blended with refined and elegant geranium. Beautiful, summer scent.

Finally, we jump right forward to the Britain of today, which Jo Malone London reckon smells like Birch & Black Pepper. The Britain of today says Jo Malone London, has its rebellious roots in punk, existing side by side with an enduring respect for tradition.

So, this is a scent of contrasts. Black pepper and cardamom add a cool spiciness, layered with smoky birch. It has an accord of magnetic ink juxtaposed with the smooth warmth of gurjum. It is a surprising scent, not for everyone, but individual, audacious and stylish, so say Jo Malone – just like

Each of these Limited Edition fragrances comes in 30ml size, all adorned with pretty ribbon, on the bottle, and the box. It’s perhaps a bit of a cliched or contrived collection, but it’s a good way into Jo Malone, the new scents are really nice, and for Pomegranate Noir fans, it’s a new bottle for your favourite.

Jo Malone Rock The Ages Limited Edition Collection, available from March, £42 for 30ml Eau de Colognes, from Jo Malone locations, and Join the conversation on Twitter @jomalonelondon #RockTheAges