5pm Staff New Year New Look: Nikki

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This week we’ve shared the hair transformations of our 5pm staff members Allison and Jennifer.

Today’s we’re sharing our third and final 5pm Staff New Year New Look from our Business Development Manager Nikki.


Copper hair

Nikki, who has just jetted off on a three week holiday to Australia, had months ago spotted a photograph of a model with vibrant copper hair.

She had tucked it away at the back of her mind and every so often had thought about how much she liked it and how, maybe one day, she would give it go.

But she was a blonde and always had been. Could she really make such a dramatic change?

When I asked around the office if anyone would like to take part in our new year new look feature, her ears pricked up.

Still though, she wasn’t sure. And just before jetting off on a three week holiday where hundreds of photos would be taken, she didn’t want to make a decision she would regret.

After a lot of humming and hawing and consideration, she decided she wanted to do it.  And once she made that decision, she was 100% ready to go.

Dramatic transformation

Such a dramatic transformation from blonde to red required a stylist who really knows their stuff. So we called Pele Hair & Beauty, a Glasgow City Centre salon with a highly regarded reputation.

Nikki was passed on to Patrick, one of the hair directors, who has 24 years experience.

He and Nikki sat down to discuss her dream transformation and the best way to make it happen.

“We decided to go for four colours; a strawberry blonde, a copper gold, a dark auburn and a rich fiery copper all over Nikki’s hair,” Patrick said.

“We tried to make sure it was intense without being too over the top. We wanted vibrancy but we didn’t want garishness.”


“First of all we dyed Nikki’s hair with a dark blonde all over to tone it down. We brought it back to something closer to her natural hair colour and then put the highlights in after that. Not only did this intensify the colour, it will also make it last a lot longer.”

“She’s going to Australia so my advice to her would be to make sure he is wearing a hot in the hottest parts of the day and use an intensive conditioning treatment once a week.

“When Nikki comes back in two months I won’t need to do the foils, I’ll just do the base colour.”

“After Australia she might want to be more vibrant or a bit more blonde. There are lots of ways of taking the colour on a journey.”


So with Nikki’s transformation from blonde to red bombshell, what is her verdict?

“I absolutely love it!” she said.




“I had always thought if I was ever going to change my colour it would be to this one but I still wasn’t sure.”

“But when I came into Pele, Patrick and the staff made me feel so welcome. It was a process picking the colours together, with Patrick advising me would what work best.”

“I really enjoyed it and I absolutely love the results. I’ll be making a statement when I go down under!”


Nikki with Patrick and Nicholas at Pele who has also added his offers to 5pm.

Love Nikki’s hair? Would you like Patrick to give you a new look? Patrick is offering an Ultimate Colour Experience only on 5pm Spa & Beauty for £75 instead of £150. You can choose any hair service including highlights, ombre and colour correction. Patrick will design your hair to any style and colour with no limits. Includes cut & style dry with conditioning treatment.

Pele Hair & Beauty also have a number of offers on 5pm Spa & Beauty including blow dries, hair up, cuts and colours, starting from £15.

Nicholas at Pele is also offering his Ultimate Colour Experience for for £75.