5pm Staff New Year New Look: Jennifer

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To bring in 2015, we’ve given three of our 5pm staff members a new year new look. Our second staff makeover is Jennifer Aryanmanesh, our Spa & Beauty Customer Care Advisor.

Turning 30 can do strange things to people.

It’s a long way from a mid life crisis. But it still feels like a milestone, a farewell to the proper daftness of youth.

Our Jennifer reaches this milestone in September. So with the remaining months she had, she wanted to do something a bit outrageous with her twenties hair.

She’s worn her hair long, blonde and flowing for years so she decided January was the perfect time for a change.


“I haven’t dyed dyed my hair any other colour apart from blonde,” Jennifer said.

“I’m turning 30 this year so if I’m going to do something different I think now is the perfect time. I want to do something crazy while I’m still young!”

Kennedy + Co

We sent Jennifer along to Kennedy + Co in Partick to meet stylist Shannon and decide what that crazy thing would be.

Shannon may be young but she has been at Kennedy + Co for three and a half years and continuously attends training courses and receives hairdresser qualifications, most recently from Toni & Guy.

As Jennifer had never strayed from blonde before, they decided to go completely off kilter – with purple.

Purple and balayage hair

“At first we dyed Jennifer’s hair lavender but it didn’t really show up so we decided to go for a darker purple,” Shannon said. “When it washes it will go a lighter lavender and she’ll get longer out of it.”


“We lightened up her blonde as well with a semi permanent colour so when her roots come back they will blend in better.”

“It’s a sort of ombre, balayage affect on the top. Balayage has become really popular recently too and I love doing the free paining style. It’s really artistic.”



So what’s Jennifer’s verdict?

“I love it!” she said.

“It’s an easy way to inject a bit of fun into my look. and I’ll love looking down and seeing my favourite colour every day.

“And I know then when the purple fades I’ll be left with lovely natural highlights.”

“It looks amazing. The perfect statement to finish my twenties.”

Love Jennifer’s hair? Kennedy + Co have a number of amazing value offers on 5pm, including:

£85 instead of £110 for ombre colour

£80 instead of £94 for a full head tint and scattered highlights

£85 instead of £114 for full head highlights

£65 instead of £89 for half head highlights