5pm Staff New Year New Look: Allison

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To bring in 2015, we’ve given three of our 5pm staff members a new year new look. Our first staff makeover is Allison Kerr, our Customer Care Team Leader.

Our Allison has spent the last few years growing her hair.

It’s now long and flowing way past her shoulders. But having reached her hair goal, she’s been feeling a bit restless.

So she decided 2015 was the perfect time for a change.



Allison before


Anyone who has ever seen the photos of Zooey Deschanel with and without a fringe knows the difference a fringe can make to your appearance.

In recent years fringes have become more and more popular as a modern updated style.

Whether they’re blunt, whispy, side swept or short and bouncy, there’s a fringe to suit every style and face shape.

Our Allison wanted to keep her length and remain a blonde so she decided a fringe was the ideal way to update her look.

“I was bored with my same old style,” she said. “I wanted something fresh and more suited to my face shape.”

James Dun’s House

To grant Allison’s wish, we sent her to James Dun’s House, a slick stylish salon in Glasgow’s Merchant City.

Stylist Jenna Marie sat down with Allison and chatted to her about her perfect fringe and how to create it.

Having worked at James Dun’s House for ten years, Allison was in safe hands.


Allison and Jenna Marie

“Fringes are very popular in the winter,” Jenna Marie said. “It’s a time people seem to want a change and they want to hide behind it as well.”

“We decided to keep the fringe soft so if she doesn’t want to wear it straight she can push it over to the side for the days she can’t be bothered”

“With Glasgow weather where it’s always raining you need something that’s versatile.”

“When Allison wears her hair up it will give it some softness too.

“I also put three different colours through her hair; an icy blonde, a warmer blonde, and a golden lowlight through it to make it look brighter and fuller .

So, was Allison happy with her new look….?


“It’s lovely!” she said. “It suits my face, and the colour is really natural looking.”



“I’ve had loads of compliments already and I love the way Jenna Marie dried it too. She also gave me some tips on drying it myself.”

One happy 5pm staff member down, two to go. Check back tomorrow for our next 5pm staff new year new look.

Love Allison’s hair? James Dun’s House have a number of offers on 5pm Spa & Beauty including:

£20 instead of £31 for an academy cut & finish.

£30 instead of £41 for a level 1 cut & finish.

£35 instead of £46 for a level 2 cut & finish.