Grow Gorgeous Hair!

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Grow Gorgeous haircare products are new to me – and I like them! Cute packaging, and revolutionary products, I’m impressed with this range which is, as they say, ‘cutesie, but full of science’.

The Grow Gorgeous 11-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner (£17.99) acts as a shampoo and conditioner, claiming to do all of these things: deep cleanse, deep condition, hydrate hair and scalp, add lustre, add shine, reduce frizz, soften hair, offer lasting smoothness, simplify styling, add a protective shield, add volume.

Well, I have tried it, and I am sort of convinced. I assume it did deep cleanse, and my hair felt conditioned. The hydration part? I guess so. Lustre? Mmm, not so sure, nor about the shine, and it had a bit of bother with my frizz. My hair did definitely feel softer, and it felt smooth to touch. I honesty don’t know if styling was any easier, but it did feel a bit more voluminous. The protect shield – I can’t really say. So, it delivered on most of the 11 promises it makes. It certainly made washing my hair a quicker process.


grow gorgeous hair products

The other product from the Grow Gorgeous range I have been using is the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum (£29.99). My hair annoys me. It’s so over-processed it grows so slowly. I always get so far, and cave in at the hairdressers and get a good inch cut off, or more, Don’t ask me why, I can’t answer. So, what is this hair growth serum? Sounds like snake oil to me – does it work?

Well, apparently this active complex  kicks lethargic follicles into action after just eight  days. This hair growth serum’s 21.5% active complex boosts hair density by 13% in 4 months, leaving you with 13,000 more hairs on average. Even resting, inactive hair follicles receive a wake up call thanks to the grow gorgeous ultra
concentrated formulation. Bio-Active Pea Sprout stimulates hair at the root, encouraging growth by up to 78% more than the average rate.

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 works to increase collagen production in the scalp, ensuring that each and every follicle is able to anchor more efficiently, resulting in reduced hair loss and longer tresses. And for girls who like it to feel fuller, a complex of Chinese Skullcap, Soy Sprout and Wheat Sprout will condition the hair follicles, to improve visible thickness for more hair flair.

Everyone’s favourite hydrator, Hyaluronic Acid acts as a delivery system for the complex, helping each ingredient to work its magic from deep within the follicle. This wonder
ingredient’s moisturising properties will also hydrate the hair and scalp, leaving both existing and new locks in tip-top condition.

Wow. Impressive. You use 20 drops – about half a pipette every day, once a day, massaging into the scalp. Problems I have had with this are these:

a) I’ve been using too much, and seem to concentrate on one area of my scalp – so how can this work?

b) I kept it beside my bed to use at night and twice got it mixed up with my facial oil … not good!

c) After application it is absorbed completely, but I felt the need to wash my hair more, which sort of defeats the purpose.

Have I noticed any difference? My root regrowth this month does seem more than usual, but I honestly can’t say. It’s another item to add to my evening beauty routine which is currently taking a wee bit too long, but I can’t stop using it now. That’s how they get you. If you have hair issues, give it a go. It’s certainly not doing my hair any harm!

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