Nail Decals from Shop Keeki!

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I am in LOVE with Instagram. I’ve discovered all sorts of wonderful clubs, and people, and shops through it, it’s definitely my favourite social media forum. It’s  on Instagram that I discovered these fab ShopKeeki nail decals. Odd name, yes! But they’re so good, and so cheap and so easy to use. The first sets I ordered were obviously cats.

This week I have just ordered some cute all over lip print nail decals, and some scary pumpkins for Hallowe’en!

nail decals 2

You can find Shop Keeki on Instagram, and also at my cats and pumpkin faces were just a £1 per sheet, and my lips were £2. Postage is second or first class, your choice, and delivery is speedy.

There’s also a step-by-step guide on how to apply decals, and with a little patience, they’re really not that difficult to use. Okay, mine don’t look salon perfect, but if you fancy a go in between salon visits, then they’re worth it!

You have to cut them out, and cutting out the cat pictures was tricky, but worth it in the end! Then you hold them in water, then ease them off their backing, before applying to your nail and applying a top coat. You apply them to dry nails, and with the stencil type, a light or a bold colour is best.

Nail Decals one

These are my newest nail decals, and the step-by-step guide that comes with them. Oh, and a few free other nail decals that Shop Keeki adds to each order! Cute. Visit now!

nail decals three