Halloween at Lush

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Lush never fail to deliver, do they!? Hallowe’en at Lush for 2014 sees the arrival of a few new – and amazing- treats. Makes me want to spend the whole of Hallowe’en in the bath – and not dooking for apples in it!

Their new Northern Lights bath bomb (£3.35), inspired by The Night Circus book by Erin Morgenstern, creates an illusion of a night sky during the Northern Lights! It creates an array of blue and neon green colours, with popping candy adding the fizz, it’s scented with Lush’s best-selling Christmas Eve fragrance (just to confuse you!).

Also new is the yellow Sparkler bath bomb (£3.35), more of a bonfire night treat, but we’ll let them off. Pop it in the bath and watch as the golden colour streams through the water, and the popping candy represents the fireworks. Much safer than the real thing. Has a delicate Organic Rose Absolute fragrance.

Lush Halloween 2014

There’s a new Pumpkin bubble bar (£3.25), which is pumpkin orange, and sparkly and gold. It smells of oranges, blackcurrant, juniper berry and lime. Very refreshing . Another newbie is the Wizard bubble bar (£3.25) – so cute, he has popping candy concealed, and smells of Ylang Ylang oil, juniper berry and tangerine. Yum.

My absolute favourite is the Fairy Ring Soap (£4.10). How cute is this? It’s an actual fairy house design! Packed with magical ingredients like myrrh oil, patchouli and opopana oil which work together with Shiitake mushrooms, which thanks to being a rich source of Kojic Acid, have anti-ageing properties. It smells of the new Gorilla Volume 3 perfume, launched this July.

And if you want more than one product, or a Hallowe’en gift, then how about the new Wizard Hat (£12.95) which contains the Wizard bubble bar, Sparkler bath bomb and a Star Light Star Bright bath melt.

Wizard Hat Lush

All the products mentioned available now, at Lush stores, and lush.co.uk.