Enlighten with Estee Lauder

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Estee Lauder’s latest skincare range launches next month – and their EE Cream. Yes, I said EE!! Not BB, CC, or DD, but EE! More on that later, but first the skincare products in the new Enlighten range.

The Enlighten Skintone Correcting Collection is for night and day, for naturally glowing, even-toned skin. Research has shown that women are bothered by the luminosity of their skin as it ages, and also hyperpigmentation – that’s those pesky dark spots.

estee lauder enlighten

I have a few of those on my face, thanks to sun damage to my skin as a child, and they do bother me. So, I have been thrilled to try out this new range. The way the Enlighten range works is to help break the cycle of daily assaults and irritations that lead to hyperpigmentation. Use all three products – including the EE cream – for maximum effects.

The reason the products are specifically targeted for evening use is that Estee Lauder scientists have found that nighttime is when dark spots, discolouration and other types of hyperpigmentation are exacerbated. The  cycle begins each day when skin accumulates damage from exposure to things like UV and pollution; at night the damage the skin accumulates during the day causes natural cellular responses that can cause excess pigmentation.

So, the most important product in this trio is the Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum (£50) which is a silky, lightweight fluid serum which contains powerful anti-spot and anti-irritant compound ingredients, boosting skin’s natural ability to resist the look of spots and discolouration, and helping prevent new spots from forming.

You can also use this in the AM if you want extra results. And, you can also use it AS WELL AS your Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, as this targrets specific concerns, the other targets other concerns!

The Enlighten Even Effect Skintone Correcting Creme (£46), is very lightweight, but very hydrating and contains a natural complex of Lentil Fruit, Watermelon and Apple to provide deep comfort and long-lasting moisture.

Finally, the EE Cream! The Enlighten Even Effect Skintone Corrector SPF30 (£34) is the first line of defence against daytime damage, it provides protection, and it provides a base for your foundation, or a brightening base on its own. It contains Baicalin, a high-potency extract of Scutellaria Baicalensis to help minimise those dark spots.

It comes in three sheer shades, and gives a gorgeous luminous finish. It contains colour-correcting pigments to create a uniform tone, and it really is lovely on. I can’t recommend this highly enough for evening out skintone.

Women of all ethnicities and all skin types with concerns about dark spots, sun spots, redness, discolouration, dullness, post-acne marks and uneven texture can benefit from this new range. You can use the serum and cream in the evening and daytime if you like, you can layer with other products.

And finally, it smells heavenly! The signature scent of the range opens with notes of apple and juicy apricot, and unfolds with a white floral accord of Irish, rose and Lily of the Valley and finishes with a base of sandalwood, mosses and musk notes!

Estee Lauder Enlighten Skintone Correcting Collection is available at selected Estee Lauder counters, and esteelauder.co.uk from October.