Realine Beauty Patches

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In my decade+ as a beauty writer, editor and blogger, I have been sent all sorts of crazy products. There was the spray that was supposed to protect your skin from harmful computer rays, fake tan tights, and, well, stick-on anti-ageing patches. Yep, stickers to stick on your face, to prevent lines and wrinkles.

Apparently, according to Realine Beauty, whose patches I have been trialling, women have used tape for years in attempt to keep frown lines at bay. Is this true? Have you been taping your forehead up to protect it from lines?! What I have used before  is another, older brand of sticky patches – called Frownies – which were used back in the Hollywood heyday by many stars.

realline patches

These Realine Beauty patches are made from tape tried and tested in the medical world. And they are easy to use – simply peel, stick on, and leave for at least eight hours – so overnight. The press information suggests using them on a long haul flight is a good idea too. I am just not getting that – can you imagine wandering about the plan with one of these stuck on your forehead? Yes, they aren’t that noticeable, but well, you can see them. The shape and positioning made me feel a bit of a Klingon when wearing them! Judge for yourself in the pictures below!

realline patches merle

Did they work? I don’t know. I wore them every night for a week. They didn’t feel uncomfortable, or sore, or anything like that, but I am not overly convinced they did anything either. The premise is that they restrict muscle movement, so you can’t frown. They have stats to back up their claim – 84% of clinical trial participants said their frown lines appear smoother after using the patch.

I don’t have many frown lines or wrinkles, but the lines going upwards in between my eyes – the ‘number 11’ lines apparently, are the only ones that really bother me. I didn’t see much of a difference in them.

Anyway, you can decide for yourself. If you want to purchase Realine Beauty patches, they are £28 for a month’s supply, from (Also stocked in Fenwick of Bond Street and Selfridges)