Illamasqua Nudes

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Illamasqua are renowned fortheir bold, out there, avant garde style – full of bright colours and bold formulas. This is the brand that brought you this green lipgloss! And their new collection for summer is, well, NUDES!

I was a bit shocked when this landed on my desk, but I didn’t dismiss it out of hand, even if, as one friend said to me, it was ‘like rocking the All Saints 1994 look‘. I know exactly what she means! I wasn’t averse to a bit of a nude lip back in the 1990s – none of us were.

Illamasqua nudes

These days though, I am strictly a colour girl – orange, red, pink – anyting bright. Coral, maybe, at a push, but nudes are a stretch. However, this Illamasqua Nudes collection is pretty extensive, and there really is a nude for everyone.

It’s split into three categories – Nude Corals, Rosy and Earthy Rose. Nude Corals are for those of us who want a nude with a kick of colour to it. There are two shades in this group – Minx and Cherub.

illamasqua nudes nude corals

Rosy is for the likes of me – those with a cooler skintone. The nudes in this collection have a higher percentage of pink. I have tried Rosepout and Starkers, the two Glamore lipsticks in this group, but I really struggled with Starkers. Rosepout would work – at a push.

illamasqua nudes rosy

Finally, Earthy Rose,with three shades – Tease, Naked and Buff, is for warmer skin tones, as they have a higher percentage of brown in them.

illamasqua nudes earthy rose

All of the shades are matte, and if you love a nude lipstick, then you are going to adore this collection.

So, what is a nude lippy? Well, Illamasqua Head of Training, Daniel Buscuttil, defines a nude as a balance of warm and cool tones (pink and brown) which can be compared to how you would match your foundation with the level of pink and yellow tones contained in the shade. So, once you know your skin’s undertones, matching the right nude lipstick is simple.

The best way to match a nude lipstick is to undertstand your skin understones,” Daniel explains. “Try matching your lipstick to your natural nail bed colour. This will offer an accurate guage on what nude will work. If you have a cooler, rosy undertone to your skin, opt for a rosy nude. If your undertones are more golden, an earthy nude is right for you. These colours will flatter your natural lip shade as well as your skin tone.

So, there are seven shades in this capsule collection. Find out which is for you when they launch, online at first, on July 10, and then worldwide on July 31, priced £18.50 each.