Stress- Fix Body Creme from Aveda

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I love a big pot of  body cream that I can get my hands into, and use far too much of, don’t you? Aveda have added a Body Creme to their Stress Fix line. The Aveda Stress Fix range now comprises Bath Salts, a rollerball, a Body Lotion, and this gorgeous, moreish cream.

Did you know that the number of people suffering from stress is reaching epidemic proportions? Studies have shown that 44% of adults in developed global markets reprt  adverse effects from stress and 57% of women say they feel stressed at least once or twice a week. Stress is not good! It can play  part in many diseases, and is thought to be connected to premature ageing, insomnia, hypertension and many other conditions.

aveda stress fix body creme

So, if you can take a little bit of time to yourself now and then, to de-stress, then make sure you do. If you can get to a spa – and there are loads on 5pm Health and Beauty to choose from – even for just an hour, it will help. If not then you need to indulge, and that’s where this hero bodycare collecton from Aveda comes in.

The gorgeous Aveda Stress-Fix™ Body Creme was created  in collaboration with world-renowned Clinical Aromaologist Pierre Franchomme and the Aveda Botanical Aroma Lab, using the science of Aromaology® and the power of pure essential oils that help to relieve tension and endorse a positive mindset.

The proven tension-alleviating Stress-Fix™ aroma blends essences of certified organic calming French Lavender, blues-chasing Clary Sage and relaxing, mood-enhancing Lavindin for an utterly aromatic experience.

Aveda partnered with Plantes Aromatiques du Diois to source these herbs from small organic farms in France to ensure the highest quality essential oils that can be fully traced from Soil to Bottle.

The aroma is wonderful. The Bath Salts are a treat to use, and now after a bath in them, you can indulge in rich moisturisation with this lovely cream, which contains Certified Organic Shea Butter to replenish the skin’s protective moisture barrier, Certified Organic Sunflower Oil which contains a high level of essential fatty acids – key components of skin’s natural lipids to help skin retain its own moisture, and a unique blend of sustainably harvested Sea Algae to deeply moisturise.

You can use this lovely cream all over your body, or on your hands and arms for a gentle soothe whenever you feel stressed.

Aveda Stress Fix Body Creme, 200ml, £36, from Aveda stockists and spas, and