Paul Mitchell Stay Strong and Dry Wash

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PAUL MITCHELL STAY STRONG HAIRSPRAYI’ve been wrestling with two BIG cans of spray recently, new Stay Strong and Dry Wash, from Paul Mitchell. They do both come in 50ml travel size as well as the massive 360ml (Stay Strong) and 252ml (Dry Wash) that are definitley NOT portable!

But, you are getting a LOT of product for your money, and both new products are the high standard you would expect from Paul Mitchell.

The Stay Strong is a brilliantly flexible hairspray which really does dry instantly when it touches your hair. It’s not sticky, doesn’t dry out, and is completely buildable. You can layer it for increased memory and a strong, brushable finish.

You can brush through this hairspray and the hold is still there, and when you add more, it doesnt feel like your hair is oversprayed at all. It’s also humidity resistant, which  is exactly what we’ve been needing recently in this crazy humid, clammy, weather.

Who wants a Monica from Friends moment, with a frizzball for your hair? Not me, my hair is bad enough in the normal weather! The huge tin of hairspray is a bit hard to handle, but the product is brilliant.

Paul Mitchell Dry WASH




Paul Mitchell introduced their new Dry Wash at the same time.  This is a dry shampoo product, brilliant for when you can’t wash your hair, great for prolonging the life of your wash if your hair is coloured, like mine, and you don’t like washing it too much. It absorbs oils in the hair, to give your hair a boost, maintaining freshness.

Like all dry shampoos, it does smell, but it’s not as bad as some of the on the market. It’s actually quite palatable – not cloying like many of them can be. It just gives a nice, fresh smell to your hair.

You can also, of course, use Dry Shampoo as a booster spray at the roots – it really does add great volume. And, this one is also colourless. No more whiteness on your hair! Dry shampoos have come a long way!

Paul Mitchell Stay Strong Hairspray (£7.50, 50ml, £16.50, 360ml) and Paul Mitchell Dry Wash Express Dry Waterless Shampoo (£9.95, 50ml, £18.95, 252ml), are available now from Paul Mitchell salons and stockists. Visit