Clinique launch Soft Matte Lipsticks

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It’s a colourful Friday in this office! First up we had Bobbi’s new nails and bright lip colours, now it’s Clinique’s turn with these brilliant Long Lasting Soft Matte Lipsticks. I’ve had my hands on one of these for weeks now, and every time I use it I realise how good it is. This is Clinique remember. They’re not exactly renowned for their bright, bold colours, but they have excelled themselves here.

But it’s about more than the colour with these lipsticks. They’re matte. But they’re creamy. How do they do that?! They’re long-lasting, matte, but without a hint of the dryness that matte lipsticks can bring. Trust me on this, they really don’t dry out on your lips.

Clinique matte lipsticks

The pigments are ground in an ingredient called Cetyl Octanoate, which helps develop colour to its true intensity. They are also full of other colour-delivering agents, and ingredients that deliver that amazing moisturisation. One of the polymers they have used in the lipsticks was originally intended to prevent moisture loss in a clinical, skincare level, so you can understand how they are not drying at all.

There are eight shades – Crimson, Mandarin, Peony, Petal, Magenta, Beauty, Plum and Suede. I have, of course, been trying the red – Crimson – and I haven’t been disappointed. It is an excellent red. Clinique have once again shown that they have serious makeup credentials with this lipstick.

clinique soft matte lipstick review crimson

Clinique’s Long Lasting Soft Matte Lipsticks, £17,  are available online at now, and at counters from June 6