Beauty Bargain of the Week - Dove Shower creams

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We can all spend a fortune on beauty products, but we don’t need to. Every week, I’m going to bring you my ‘Beauty Bargain of the Week‘  – a product I’ve used, and would recommend, and that, on most occasions, costs less than a fiver! What’s not to like!

This week I have been trying out some lovely Dove Body Washes to start the day with a smile on my face! According to a recent survey, one in three of us say we feel irritated and grumpy throughout the day if our day gets off to a bad start.  Top gripes include having a bad night’s sleep (49%) and waking up to miserable weather (32%), as well as being late for work (25%) and the alarm not going off (19%).

Dove shower creams

And I would include not having a long enough, or hot enough shower in there, and it seems I am not alone!  “Time to shower for as long as I want” (26%) topped the poll of things that would make us have a better start to the day…more so than having a chef to cook you breakfast in bed! (20%)!

I don’t know about you, but when the weather starts to turn chillier I need those extra minutes under the hot water. So, I’ve been more than happy this week to try out two Dove shower creams –  Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash and NEW Dove go fresh Restore Fig and Orange Blossom Body Wash which have been developed with breakthrough NutriumMoistureTM technology to help keep skin hydrated, whilst also enriching your skins natural lipids and helping to repair protein damage.

They do feel lovely, and they smell great. Winning formula for me and my morning shower. The One Poll survey also showed that Monday, between 7am and  8am is the time of the week we find most difficult to deal with. How happy are you then that tomorrow is Friday – and the weekend is nearly here again!

NEW Dove go fresh Restore Body Wash with Blue Fig & Orange Blossom and Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, are available from Boots, Superdrug and most supermarkets, for £2.30 for 250ml.