Jo Malone My Wanderlust by Charlotte Stockdale

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This lovely new Limited Edition Jo Malone London collection by their Style Editor, Charlotte Stockdale, uses the notion that scent reminds us of places. And, of course, it does!

When I took a sniff of the Box Hedge Square Scent(£40) I was transported to my first childhood home, and the playing fields that were right next door. Bizarre. Oh, and by Square Scent, I mean this brilliant new thing – it’s like a rubbery square infused with scent that you stick in your drawers, or just leave on your desk.I love it.


Charlotte Stockdale created this collection as an olfactory memoir of her travels. “Scent makes you want to explore a place, or reminds you very distinctly of where you have been.” says Charlotte. “Like music, it not only reminds you of where, but when you’ve been there too. It takes you back to a time in your life. Or it can be something that makes you want to go somewhere new.”

So,as well as the fabulous Box Hedge Square Scent (which comes from fresh cypress, fruity cassis, and earthy galbanum) which really does smell like being in a garden or a field, there’s a Night Jasmine & Oregano Linen Spray (£42), inspired by Charlotte’s travels to Greece, beautiful Acacia & Honey Soap (£28), reminiscent of the hazy golden warmth of an Australian beach, a Lime Basil & Mandarin Diffuser (£58), inspired by, and evocative of, the scent of lime on a Caribbean breeze.

Finally, a Cardamom & Moroccan Rose Home Candle (£42) inspired by Morocco, using the scent of the Moroccan roses, which grow on the foothills of the Atlas mountains.

This lovely collection is available now, for a short time, at Jo Malone stores and locations, and at Use the hashtag #MyWanderlust and follow @jomalonelondon on Twitter.