Bobbi Brown Summer 2019 Collection

Bobbi Brown's Summer Collection for this year is already at John Lewis in an early exclusive - and it's worth seeking out. It's very, er, compact, if you pardon the pun...consisting of just three new products - two of them in compacts! I reviewed the new Limited Edition High Shine Liquid Eye Shadow for the Sunny Summer post earlier this week, and it really is something completely different, and a perfect summer product. There is nothing … [Read more...]

Viva Cuba by Laura Mercier SS18

Laura Mercier's SS18 collection is inspired by the "soulful ambiance of the Cuban culture…Alive with energy, the music and clashing patterns of street art" It's all earthy matte bronzing shades, liquid illuminating pearls, and shimmering sheen for eyes (although there are no new eye products in this small collection) Lips are intense and vivid, echoing the vibrancy found in Cuban design. Let's have a look at the key products and how to … [Read more...]

Diego Dalla Palma Summer 2018 Cruise Collection

Italian beauty brand Diego Dalla Palma is always worth a look. The brand, from Italy's fashion capital, Milan, is stocked in Marks and Spencer Beauty here in the UK. Launched in Milan in 1970, it has a wonderfully retro feel to it, and is much more than just makeup - with skincare and haircare in the diego dalla palma group. And there is an actual Diego Dalla Palma  too  - the Italian makeup artist behind the brand. Every year they launch a … [Read more...]

Tom Ford Soleil 2017

Okay, this is the new Tom Ford Soleil 2017 Makeup collection - as much as I know about it. I wasn't actually shown the lip balms, or even told about their existence, so I have no info on those, or price info. And apparently there is a mini Paradiso collection also available, according to the blogosphere. "Inspired by shades reflecting contrast between sun-kissed and sunset", let me first deal with those mystery lip colours. When I instagrammed … [Read more...]

Clarins Sunkissed Summer Makeup Collection

Yes, it's not quite summertime yet, but the summer beauty collections are landing on counters now. So, let's start with the lovely Clarins Sunkissed collection. There's actually a lot to this collection this year, which as ever has a gorgeous compact at the heart. The Limited Edition Bronxing & Blush Compact (£30) is embossed with a sun inpired motif, and the lovely powder palette will warm your compelction with a blend of copper, terracotta … [Read more...]

Summer with Miss Sporty

Teenagers are much more makeup-savvy than I was, back in the 80s, right? Most of them are blogging, or vlogging, with huge followings. But a regular teenager can't spend loads on makeup brands, so what's out there for beauty budgets? How about Miss Sporty? The Coty brand is specifically targeted at makeup beginners, so most likely those younger than teens. The products are decent quality, and the prices are purse-friendly. I love their BFF … [Read more...]

Creme de la Mer’s NEW Reparative Skin Tint

Creme de la Mer fans will love the NEW Reparative Skin Tint SPF30. Creme says it is 'far beyond a BB, and light years past a CC'. I'd say it was pretty similar to both of those. It gives you a healthy tint, whilst simultaneously working to repair and protect the look of your skin. I've used this for a few weeks, and there are a couple of things I would say. Don't use it on top of serum and moisturiser - you don't need to, and if you do, it won't … [Read more...]

Boots No7 Summer Collection

Summer Collections are coming out thick and fast now, as we wait for the weather to at least pretend it's summer for a full day or two! Boots No7 Summer Collection isn't hugely exciting, I have to admit, but it's very wearable, and if you like muted tones, you will love it. It blends a few bright pops of colour with dusky pinks and plums, but it's just a little bit 'meh' for my liking.  It's not big - just a few nail polishes, an eye trio, and … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Sandy Nudes Collection

It's officially time to think about summer. The sun is (sometimes) shining, and Bobbi Brown have launched a gorgeous summer collection - Sandy Nudes. May signals the unofficial start to summer, and I've certainly spent a fair bit of time recently thinking about sandy beaches. Bobbi Brown's Sandy Nudes collection is inspired by shades and textures of sand from beaches around the world - deep bronzes, bleached whites and warm browns. In product … [Read more...]

Summer Beauty Bases

This week I've gone shopping with my trusty 1980s jelly basket for summer bases. Do you change your foundation in the summer months? You should, if you don't already. Summer means we can get away with something lighter, more of a tinted moisturiser than an actual foundation. You want to let any summer glow shine through, and if you get a holiday tan, you may need a slightlt different shade anyway. I love the range of bases available in the beauty … [Read more...]