L’Occitane Lips!

L'Occitane is killing it just now! They have some fantastic launches this year, and the new Lip Collection is one of them. The packaging is bright, bold, sassy, yellow, and I love it. The products are simple, effective, and so great for summer. There are Lipsticks, Lip Balms, Lip Scrubs, and a magic yellow Lip Perfector - one of those changing-colour products. There are three Lip Scrubs (£14) - Marmalade Kiss, Raspberry Crush and … [Read more...]

NEW Luxe Lip Lacquers from Tom Ford

It's been ALL about matte lips for, ooh, forever, it seems. And if it's not matte, it's super-shiny. Tom Ford has recently launched a full new collection of 20 Luxe Lip Lacquers - half matte, half vinyl, giving you both options. I've had a good old play around with these on counter, and they are great. The pigment is excellent - the matte is softly matte, and the vinyl is high-shine, but not in a glossy way. Tom Ford describes it as a … [Read more...]