Bobbi Brown Summer 2019 Collection

Bobbi Brown's Summer Collection for this year is already at John Lewis in an early exclusive - and it's worth seeking out. It's very, er, compact, if you pardon the pun...consisting of just three new products - two of them in compacts! I reviewed the new Limited Edition High Shine Liquid Eye Shadow for the Sunny Summer post earlier this week, and it really is something completely different, and a perfect summer product. There is nothing … [Read more...]

Bobbi Brown Sunset Pink Collection

Bobbi Brown knocks out these collections, right? I do love them though. I don't necessarily wear all the products, but I love the packaging of this brand. I love the sleekness and simplicity of it it. And the products are good. This latest collection, the Sunset Pink Collection, out July, is inspired by the flattering light of the late afternoon in Telluride (this is Bobbi's favourite place, it seems - it's a hideaway ski resort town in … [Read more...]